The McClatchy Company
The Real Cities Network
The Nation's Largest Network of Local Newspaper Sites
The Real Cities Network is the nation's largest network of local newspaper sites. With over 1,500 affiliate sites and a presence in the nationís top 25 DMAís, Real Cities reaches more than 44 million unique visitors each month.1

By advertising with Real Cities you are associated with the highest quality content network that delivers a local audience directly to your doorstep - right as these local consumers are deciding what to buy and where to spend their money.

Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, drive traffic or launch a new product or service, the Real Cities Network offers an array of advertising solutions designed to meet and exceed your marketing objectives.

With Real Cities you get local relevance with national reach, all with the convenience of one-stop media buying. Learn more about Advertising Opportunities and the Real Cities Audience.

1 Nielsen NetRatings, May 2007

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