At the heart of every community we serve

We do more than cover stories that matter—the talented staff in our local media companies work hard to be an essential part of their communities. Discover the ways we celebrate and serve the places we call home.

“I live here. I love it.”

Our Together program works with local communities to find creative ways to make them stronger and more vibrant. It’s a truly collaborative effort: people from the community tell us what projects they’d like the program to take on, and local businesses fund the efforts.

A Together campaign might take the form of art installations crafted by local artists; “I live here. I love it.” chalkboards that encourage people to share why they love the city they call home; or a video contest where students show their school pride.

Giving back is part of who we are

McClatchy has a long history of helping communities grow and thrive, a legacy which continues to this day. Our local teams are involved in hundreds of charitable efforts and events every year, working with community groups, schools, businesses, and other institutions to make our neighborhoods stronger, our culture richer, and every community we serve a better place to be.

In Dallas-Fort Worth, our Goodfellow Fund has been providing shoes and clothing for low-income school children during the holiday season since 1912. In Raleigh, our Feed the Need program works in partnership with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern Carolina to raise awareness about childhood hunger and feed hungry kids. These are just two examples of how our local teams are helping their communities in ways that truly matter.