El Nuevo Herald, part of The McClatchy Company, LLC, is the company’s premier Spanish-language publication and winner of the Ortega y Gasset Journalism Award in 2002 for best Spanish-language newspaper in the world. The El Nuevo Herald has also won numerous awards over the years for its exceptional coverage in South Florida, Cuba, and Venezuela from the Florida Society of News Editors. The Miami-Ft. Lauderdale DMA is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the country, with a Hispanic composition (51%) that is nearly three times higher than the national average (18%). El Nuevo Herald is dedicated to covering the news that is of interest to its readers in South Florida, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

In 2020, McClatchy transitioned to private ownership when it was acquired by Chatham Asset Management. The Chatham acquisition marked the beginning of a new era of opportunity for McClatchy, strengthening the Company's financial position and enabling it to build on its 150-plus year history of independent, community-focused journalism by investing in local newsrooms.