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Sports - The Kansas City Star - 2/13/23

Patrick Mahomes’ halftime speech changed it all. His teammates got him back post-game

Story by Sam McDowell, The Kansas City Star.

Accountability - Lexington Herald-Leader - 2/9/23

A ‘twisted’ experience: How KY’s abortion bans are depriving pregnant patients of health care

Story by Alex Acquisto; Visuals by Ryan C. Hermens, Lexington Herald-Leader.

Enterprise Journalism - The Sacramento Bee - 1/20/23

Gwen Mayse had savings and a job. The Sacramento woman died without a home

Story by Theresa Clift; Visuals by Renée C. Byer, The Sacramento Bee

Community Connections - The Kansas City Star - 2/1/23

After 41 years, men meet baby they found abandoned in the snow outside Kansas City home

Story by Judy L.Thomas, The Kansas City Star

Community Connections - The Charlotte Observer - 1/25/23

How a Tesla and a prom turned 2 men in their 70s — 1 Black, 1 white — into best friends

Story by Théoden Janes; Visuals by Alex Slitz, The Charlotte Observer

Service Journalism - The Sun Herald - 1/18/23

Why do we call this MS Coast town ‘The Kill?’ The answer dates back to the 15th Century.

Story by Justin Mitchell, The Sun Herald

Accountability - The Kansas City Star - 12/13/22

‘They just don’t care’: Trains blocking roads can be deadly. It’s only getting worse

Story by Mike Hendricks; Visuals by Rich Sugg, Mike Hendricks and Monty Davis, The Kansas City Star.

Accountability - The News & Observer - 12/28/22

With little oversight, NC poultry farms raise 1 billion birds a year. Who pays the cost?

Story by Gavin Off and Ames Alexander, The Charlotte Observer, and Adam Wagner, The News & Observer. Visuals by Alex Slitz, Charlotte Observer, and Robert Willett, Travis Long and Scott Sharpe, The News & Observer.

Enterprise Journalism - The Miami Herald - 12/8/22

Made in Miami: How a South Florida plot to oust Haiti’s Jovenel Moïse led to his murder

Story by Jacqueline Charles; Art directed and animated by Sohail Al-Jamea, Illustrated by Rachel Handley; Design and Development by David Newcomb, McClatchy News Experiences Team

Service Journalism - The Wichita Eagle - 12/1/22

Who is mostly likely to get a traffic ticket in Wichita, plus when & where they’re caught

Story by Amy Renee Leiker, The Wichita Eagle